AIDLG 2013

The 4AIDLG is to be themed around:
“Japanese Language as Personal Resource and Cultural Asset”

Over the past two decades, interest in Japan and the Japanese language has grown apace, but at the same time it would be difficult to say that employment opportunities for those who study Japanese have multiplied as rapidly.
It might be supposed, then, that the growth of interest in the language itself is somehow uncorrelated with bare practical outcomes.
It goes without saying that the generation having grown up reading manga and watching anime is attracted by
a certain hope of meaningful and gainful future employment, but facts demonstrate that their motivation goes far beyond mere jobs. On the other hand, globalization inspires anyone active in an international context to create and develop connections between those of different cultural backgrounds.
Can fluency in Japanese represent a unique chance of connecting people in different areas of the globe? How can Japanese Language Teaching perform most effectively in this new global situation?